October / Octubre. Diego y Daniel Vega, 2010. (93’)

Posted: April 4, 2012 in Perufest 2012
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SATURDAY  / SÁBADO   APRIL 21       6:30 PM

Clemente, a moneylender of few words, is a new hope for Sofía, his single neighbor, devoted to the October worship of Our Lord of the Miracles. They’re brought together over a new-born baby, fruit of Clemente’s relationship with a prostitute who’s nowhere to be found. With the arrival of these beings in his life, Clemente has the opportunity to reconsider his emotional relations with people.

Clemente, un prestamista de pocas palabras, es la nueva esperanza de Sofía, su vecina soltera, devota del Señor de los Milagros. Ambos cuidan a un bebé, fruto de las relaciones de Clemente con una prostituta que ha desaparecido. Con la llegada de estos personajes a su vida, Clemente tiene la oportunidad de reconsiderar sus relaciones emocionales.

Awards: Cannes Film Festival – Un certain regard: Jury Prize Winner, Motovum Film Festival: Best Film, Mumbai Film Festival: Young Critics Award, Minsk International Film Festival: Grand Prix Winner, Odessa Film Festival: Special Jury Prize. Cinema Tropical Award as Best Latin American Narrative Feature 2011.


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