The calm / La calma. Fernando Vílchez, 2010. (20’)

Posted: April 8, 2012 in Perufest 2012
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SUNDAY  / DOMINGO   APRIL 22     6:30 PM

An earthquake has destroyed a whole village (Pisco). Clean up efforts are now in progress. The protagonist was buried in rubble. He survived. He can´t forget the images. The levels are blurred.

Al lado del mar, hay una ciudad (Pisco) destruida por un terremoto. Dentro de esa ciudad, un hombre intenta descansar.

Awards: Festival de Cine Lima Independiente 2011: Best Short film,  Festival de Cine de Lima 2011 – Filmocorto: Best Director and Best Documentary, Festival Internacional La Noche de los Cortos 2011: Best Short Film, Festival Internacional de Cine de Pasto, Colombia 2011: Best Edition.


Entrevista con el director de “La calma”, Fernando Vílchez:


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