Coming Back / Regreso. Jano Burmester, 2010. (18’)

Posted: April 9, 2012 in Perufest 2012
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Followed by Q&A with directors Camila Valdeavellano & Jano Burmester 

Pepe Zavala returns to Lima after being abroad along with his family. Now he’ll live in his parents’ house, arranging it as he pleases and showing an odd and lonely character, he is obsessive compulsive over cleaning, order and perfection. Vanessa Iturriaga is his neighbor and we discover that she is part of that compulsive past of his. Pepe will retake over his old obsession and day after day he’ll dedicate his time to register all of her moves, trying, in that way, to meet Vanessa.

Pepe Zavala regresa a Lima luego de vivir en el extranjero junto a su familia. Ahora habitará la casa de sus padres, acomodándola a su antojo y dejando entrever a un personaje extraño y solitario, un obsesivo compulsivo de la limpieza, el orden y la perfección. Vanessa Iturriaga es su vecina y descubrimos que ella forma parte de ese pasado compulsivo. Pepe retomará su antigua obsesión y se dedicará a registrar día a día todos sus movimientos, intentando de esa manera conocer a Vanesa.

Awards: Winner of the 2010 Extraordinary Contest of Peruvian Short Films, CONACINE, Mention for Best Opera Prima; 2011 Cannes Film Festival: Short Film Corner Selection; XV FAM Panvision Festival – Florianopolis: Best Actor; FilmoCorto 2011: Best Opera Prima and Best Original Music.

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Entrevista al director Jano Burmester:


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